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More L.A. County coverage

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More L.A. County coverage

Today we finalized the two 5 GHz nodes on Mt. Wilson. They are:

  • A 5 GHz node with 90 degree sector antenna on channel 177 @ 10MHz BW, pointed southwest
  • A 5 GHz node with 90 degree sector antenna on channel 174 @ 10MHz BW, pointed southeast

They have connectivity to the backbone both east and west.   There are a couple of problematic backbone links on either side of the site, but they're working for now.  We already have 4 users on the SW node.

Area reports appreciated!

Were the nodes up and running

Were the nodes up and running this morning? I drove around trying to connect to both nodes from a few different places. I got nothing on the WiFi scan either. Tried 10 bandwidth for channels 174 and 177, I could connect just fine to Huntington Memorial from Chantry Flats Rd. I was using a NanoBeam M5-19.


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Mt. Wilson Nodes

They're up -
SW is currently on channel 172 as we work out some interference issues.  
SE hung up around 11:30 PST; it's been power-cycled and is back up. on channel 174.


As far as you know, should it

As far as you know, should it be covering the areas on the map where I have the Pasadena 1 and 2, and Irwindale, and Baldwin Park? Do we know where any of the people have connected to it are located?

LA Basin

I noticed on the SCal mesh map that it seems like a large part of the LA basin is a mesh desert.

Is there any reason the Park LaBrea/Grove area isn't covered by a node or two?
I'm working with an Emergency/Disaster response organization that might be willing to purchase and host a node or two on top of a 2-3 story building in that area.

1) is there any reason I there shouldn't be a node there that connects, let say, to Mt Wilson or Verdugo?
2) any recommendations for which radio(s) would make a good node that could connect to other areas, like Century City or Beverly Hills? (I'm wondering if a Rocket with an Omni antenna would be good, or a couple of NanoM5s)


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No reason ...

There's no reason for not having nodes in the area, except that no one has done it yet! smiley

If you have a clear line of sight to Verdugo or Wilson, you should be able to connect.  And if you could then provide some distribution, you could open the area up to other users.

There will be a Southern California mesh meeting this Saturday morning at the USC Health Sciences campus.  If you're available, this would be a good opportunity to meet other local users and organizers, discuss equipment, etc.

Email me for more information or other questions.


de Gary W6GSW
Los Angeles Emergency Communications Team
Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley Emcomm Mesh


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