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More goodies

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More goodies

Here's a cool feature just added to the AREDN network firmware: When viewing the SNR graph, you can enable a tone. As the SNR increases, the tone increases in frequency. Conversely as the SNR decreases the tone drops. It will be a great aid towards properly pointing that dish, or any node for that matter, at the distant end, especially when you aren't able to be near the computer. (Thanks Joe and Darryl!)

Other tweaks recently added:

  • Mikrotik recently changed the definition of one of their models internally, and the firmware had to be adjusted so it would load properly when it encountered that new string.
  • Rocket M2s have started to show up on the market running the XW hardware. A definition for this new product was added to the firmware so it would load properly.

There have been a number of bug fixes for small issues added, too.

If you're still running, try a nightly build. They're stable (maybe even more so than the current release code, considering the bug fixes added), and have added some nifty features.

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