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Monitoring Options
Normally I would just use SNMP to monitor. I did setup Cacti and running on a Raspberry PI and polling a few nodes. Right away I can see that only interface stats and basic memory/CPU data is available. What I really want to do is monitor SNR (signal levels) Looks like this is not something thats available via SNMP? I also read that SNMP is not apart of the standard build and every time you upgrade you will need to reinstall SNMP. If SNMP is not a good fit to monitor the mesh what are others doing to monitor/alert?

Thanks Bill NG1P
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SNMP was once a priority

Bill, the project identified snmp as the management protocol of choice several years ago.  We couldn't find anyone with skills necessary to develop custom MIBs to capture these AREDN-specific operating parameters.  So what you get today are only those common to all router devices.  With this less-than effective functionality, it was made optional in our software to increase memory space.


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Thank you.. I'll look at
Thank you.. I'll look at other ways of providing the same info using tools running on a PI like iperf and MTR every 5 minutes and build a graph with jitter and response times. In the end its a good indicator of network health. 
If SNR and other useful data

If SNR and other useful data would be available in sysinfo.json, it would be quite easy to retrieve and use the data on most monitoring software.... I already do it with Zabbix... I use it mainly to store firmware version into the «inventory» feature so it is easy to check what nodes needs to be updated and check the number of active tunnels.

Now if SNR and other useful informations like this are available, it could be easier than SNMP and still working properly...


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Signal/Noise already available
Those values are already available in sysinfo.  Link to doc section describing them is here.  RSSI = signal, and SNR can be calculated as the absolute different between signal & noise.
SNMP cautions

Bill NG1P, you can definitely use SNMP to monitor AREDN networks, but you need to carefully consider how many nodes you monitor, the number of metrics you collect, and how often you poll the devices.  SNMP traffic can put a heavy load on a mesh network, and we need to consider whether the "value" of collecting these metrics is worth the cost.  If you do monitor a mesh network, be sure to ask node owners' permission before polling them with your monitoring program.

Here are a couple of previous forum threads that deal with snmp polling:

Hope this helps.

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