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Mkrotik HAP AC Lite USB Wifi Client

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Mkrotik HAP AC Lite USB Wifi Client
Hi There, Just wondering if anyone has tried setting up the USB port on a HAP AC Lite for networking.

My particular use case is a radio trailer (converted enclosed trailer made into a radio/camping trailer). On the outside of the trailer I have an outdoor USB Wifi "dongle" installed (something like this one...  ). Since the trailer makes a pretty good faraday cage, not letting signals in too well... I would like to connect that USB WIFI adapter to the HAP AC Lite and use it as a WiFi Client radio.

I realize USB networking may not be installed by default, but wondered if it would be "easy" to impliment.

~Matt KD2HKB
Another option for hAP wifi

Thinking outside the box, you could do something like Damon K9CQB does with his hAP & ar750 devices.
Here's the link to one of his posts:
With this approach you could mount the hAP near the penetration point and run a short cable outside with an external wifi antenna.

Easier to just install a run-of-the-mill WiFi AP? Perhaps a dual-band MikroTik? One side for your clients, one side to steal someone else's WiFi for WAN/Internet.

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