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Minor firmware annoyances

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Minor firmware annoyances

Let me preface this by saying great firmware, dev team! MJARS has 6 nodes up in SE Tarrant County now (Dallas-Fort Worth area). Waiting for a calm day so our tower climber can put up a 7th. Also, short range plans are for 2 PTZ weather cameras. But I have a couple minor firmware annoyances to address: As I scan around the mesh and look at the various status pages I notice that after viewing a page in auto mode, users are clicking 'quit' before clicking 'stop', which leaves that node in scan mode even after leaving the page, unnecessarily consuming that node's resources. I could see a scenario where a user would want to leave it on auto while doing something else for a short time, but perhaps could a 'time out' feature be added to stop the scan after x minutes? Another very minor issue involves persistence of old address reservation names after that name has been changed. For example, after taking a suggestion I found in another post concerning not having duplicate reservation names across the mesh, I changed my 'phone' to 'kb5ugf-phone' and likewise to other phones on other nodes in the system. On the mesh status page on every mode, both the old name and new name were retained. Rebooting the node clears out the old names but that is starting to become impractical as the mesh grows. Perhaps a periodic scan of current reservation names could be done, if even only once every 24 hours, to clean up outdated entries. BTW, check out the MJARS post on this forum in the Dallas, Texas area of the regional posts, and a mesh network entry in the special topics are of the club web site at

So some good news for you,
So some good news for you, the refresh feature does not consume resources when the user is not on the page. At the moment it just sets an order for the browser to re-load the page at an interval and it is that reloading that causes the page to regenerate the display data so it does not consume resources when no user is there.  I'll tag this as feature request AREDN>-ticket:158

In regards to the hostname, agreed, known issue and certainly tasked for being fixed. It was partly fixed in AREDN->ticket:79 but that didn't solve all of it.  Just noticed we don't have a ticket for the rest of the issue so went ahead and put it in as AREDN->ticket:157 to make sure we keep it documented as an issue that needs to be fixed.
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I'll add a hearty "howdy"
I'll add a hearty "howdy" from a fellow Texan (near Houston).

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