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Mikrotik has a new mANTBOX, dual band, Sectorized 90 and 60 deg, 256 MB of RAM.Any thoughts here on the possibility of
this device being AREDN suitable?

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It is not supported by OpenWRT so it cannot be a candidate for AREDN.
See the OpenWRT table of supported hardware.
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OpenWRT table of supported hardware.
Hi Randy,
Well I reckon that about dashes any hope of using the device.  It seems with much of technology, It changes and what we have is no longer compatible.  I'm now going to need newer PC hardware when Windows 10 is no longer supported.  Everything I have now fails to support Windows 11.  Programmed obsolescence at it's finest. 
Thanks much for the info,

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technology, It changes and what we have is no longer compatible


"technology, It changes and what we have is no longer compatible",
with a current Windows OS release.

Hi, Jim:
 Perhaps it is time to abandon Windows 10 like it will abandon you.
Linux seems to work fine on new and old technology.
Tho', over the decades, you have likely collected much Windows-only software.
Merry Christmas,

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Windows 11

Leaving Windows is one of my 2022 desired efforts.  Linux/Unix has been in my realm for quite some time and the transition would not be the hardest thing I have ever done.  There are a few Windows only software issues that likely could be resolved with a bit of digging and very likely they are no worse than constantly digging to fix things repeatedly after each update to Windows.  
Happy New Year...

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Not completely... As it is a
Not completely... As it is a brand new device, the first step would be to get it supported by the upstream OpenWRT. Most brand new models take a few months to initially make it there. So, while not a candidate today, it's possible it will be a candidate in 6 months....
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IPQ4019 chip
I looked into the specs on the mantbox_52_15s.   It has a IPQ4019 cpu (ARM architecture).  This is a Qualcomm chip and with further digging,  OpenWrt has added a device with this chip:

This is in the openwrt 12.02.1 release.   I'll echo KC8UFC, hopefully just a matter of time.

"The IPQ4019 was the industry's first single-chip Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SoC) to bring Wave-2 802.11ac "


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