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MikroTik SXTsq 5 HP dtd hAP ac 2 connection issues

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MikroTik SXTsq 5 HP dtd hAP ac 2 connection issues

I am very new to AREDN.  I spent a fair amount of time getting both devices loaded with the AREDN firmware.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get the devices configured so I could take them to an event the local ARES was putting on in a park yesterday to demo and exercise equipment.

My setup yesterday was the SXTsq mounted on a short pole, connected to a POE injector.  From the POE injector to the hAP port 1.  My laptop connected to port port 2 on the hAP.  The devices have the most recent AREDN firmware loaded and are stock other than my completing the basic setup.

The issue I ran into yesterday with the described hardware config was that I could communicate from my laptop to the hAP but not through the hAP which was dtd to the SXTsq.  The radios were off on the hAP at that point.  I turned on the 5GHz radio and set it to the channel we were using and I was immediately able to see neighbors.  I was also able to see the SXTsq and log into it over the radio connection so the device itself was up and active.

My question is: Is the hAP ac 2 running the AREDN firmware set up by default to route traffic on ports other than port 1 through port one, or is there a setting that needs to be changed?  My intention is to use the same general setup described as my Go-Kit.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Did is port 5
WAN is port 1. I think. 73, Chuck
On hAP ac lite with AREDN
On hAP ac lite with AREDN firmware installed, the only port that is on the AREDN mesh is port 5.  You can run the SXT POE from the hAP port 5 if you toggle the POE on with advanced settings, or you can give the hAP and the SXT power independently by using a power injector between the hAP and the SXT.  Your laptop goes into port 2-4 and port 1 only is used for internet access such as a tunnel. 

You solved the issue of using the wrong port by using the rf.  In that case you make two mini meshes of one device each, which could see each other over rf instead of via dtd.  If you try again using port 5 for the dtd it should work.  Don't try to use port 5 at the same time having the hAP rf enabled on the same channel as the SXT or you'll make a loop and all heck will break out.

Ethernet port usage

Ethernet port usage capabilities vary based on device model.  The online AREDN documentation explains port VLANs here:
It also provides a link to the README file for device-specific information here:
The Mikrotik hAP ac lite has the unique ability to provide ~22v passive PoE power on its port 5 as well as locking port usage down to VLAN 2 for DtD.  If you have PoE power passthrough enabled on your hAP then you do not need to use a separate PoE injector for your SXT.  Just connect an Ethernet cable from the SXT to port 5 on the hAP.

Thanks for all the suggestions
This is an ac 2, not the lite.  But I'm sure the same suggestions to use port 5 will apply.  I will turn the radio off and then try again using port 5

73 to all.
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POE on hap ac2
Unlike the hap ac lite and ac3, the hap ac2 doesn't provide POE on port 5.  If you want to use it as a DtD port, you'll have to use an external POE injector.  That's how I do it with mine.
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