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Mikrotik RBGroove-52HPn

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Mikrotik RBGroove-52HPn

This caught my eye in an email and since some of the Mikrotik and Ubiquiti H/W is much the same, I wonder if this Mikrotik RBGroove-52HPn has enough allocated memory to be useful for AREDN since it says it has 64MB onboard. Seems like it might....

Not a bad price. Anyone care to comment before any of us take the plunge?


Currently no Mikrotik device
Currently no Mikrotik device is listed on the supported platform matrix so it would be unsupported and at your own risk to purchase.

There are some tickets regarding Mikrotik devices in bloodhound, they may shed more light on the ability and chances of getting the device supported.

Long term ultimately for devices to get supported some one has to take the plunge and buy them and work with the dev team members in a feature ticket, would probably be best to see if this device has a ticket and if not first open one and get a pre-clearance that it would be something that would have a chance of the project approving before taking the plunge and buying units.
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Curious how Mikrotik is
Curious how Mikrotik is getting dual polarization from a single N-connector antenna connection....   magic?
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This device is directly
This device is directly comparable to the Ubiquiti Bullet with the following differences:

1) The Bullet is 28dBm and the RBGrove is 27dBm (1 dB delta)
2) The RBGrove has 64M RAM and the Bullet has 32M Ram
3) In Ubiquiti terminology, the RBGove is an "XW" hardware rev and the Bullet is an "XM" rev (difference between AR93xx and AR92xx wireless chipsets).


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