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Mikrotik RB751U

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Mikrotik RB751U
Some experience with this router model?. I tried to load the .elf and it doesn't support it
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Not on the Supported Platform list
The devices that AREDN software supports can be found at:

Andre, K6AH
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I reviewed the openwrt
I reviewed the openwrt support and made a 1 min build config change.   If you are willing to test out, try these images:

The port behavior is configured the same as the ubiquiti airRouter.   I don't know what the labels on the device indicate, could be in reverse order.     WAN on one end, DtDLink on the other end, and 3 LAN ports in the middle. 

I expect you'll be able to boot and install the firmware.  But the firmware will not yet recognize the device -- I need a support download, link at the bottom of the  Setup->Administration page.   One more 2 min change is needed to recognize and set channels/power options in basic setup.
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I have one of these laying around.
I have one of these routers (RB751U-2HnD) laying around. What shall I do with it?
What can it do that other nodes cannot? Well... It has 5 Ethernet ports like the hAP, it lacks the 5GHz AC radio, but it gets a full 1W (30dBm) of MIMO out internal antennas. Yes it has a single external antenna connector for the Chain 1 radio only. The Chain 0 is stuck as an internal antenna set of a RX-only and a TX-only antenna set. So that is a bit weird.  
I also have a ​RB951Ui-2HnD laying around, which is similar to the RB750U except I can easily convert the internal antennas to external antennas. This would basically give me a Basebox 2, but with 5 Ethernet ports. Even if I left the RB951Ui with it's internal antennas cranking 30dBm, they are actually really good antennas, compared to the crappy internal antennas (and low power) of the hAP-ac-lite.
So I would prefer the RB952Ui become an ARDEN device rather than the older RB751U, but that's just me. I'm not sure how much easier it is to pick up either of these. I do believe they should both be AREDN compatible chipsets, but I would leave it up to you, Joe.

-Damon K9CQB


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