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MikroTik QRT 5

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MikroTik QRT 5

I am unable to load the .elf file into this device. I have watched the YouTube video and read the docs. When the unit reboots while holding the reset button the PXE Server screen says "unregognised bootp packet". I have tried numerous times with the same results. Help please!

Which firmware image are you using?

Which firmware image are you using?  The QRT5 takes the "nand-large" image.

Mikrotik QRT5 RB911G-5HPnD-QRT ar71xx mikrotik-nand-large

There at least three of these great radios running on our local mesh in PHX.

MikroTik QRT 5

I haven't gotten far enough to load the firmware. I can't get the unit to take the .elf file.
Doug, N0DAJ

flashing a MikroTik device

N0DA, I have had similar issues with pixie , windows, and set up with their device.
Computer - switch-Device.  Following the YouTube almost gets you there, but I have had to try several times to get the steps right,. Here is what I have done:
1. Make sure your windows browser URLs are cleared.  Make sure your computer wifi is off.
2. Plug CAT5 cable into computer and other end into the switch.
3. Plug the POE adapter into the switch. 
4. Plug in the 24DC wall wart and put the other end into the POE adapter.
5. Plug another CAT5 cable into the POE adapter and the other end into the antenna node.
6. Observe node lights stop flickering.
7. At the compuer (Windows I assume) set up the folowing:
     a. Control panel window to allow setting up Ethernet Port 
      b.  CMD mode window to allow monitoring ipconfig command status.
8. At the cmd   type ipconfig to ping the device.
9. Observe and write down the info for ref 
10.  At the Cnrtl pane lwindow  go to the ethernet Properties and set up the static address of, the close all except the cntl panel window.
11. Ping with ipconfig to see you got the device set up for static.
12. Check the pixie files has the latest nightly "elf" program loaded as a rb.elf.
13. With note pad, make sure the rfc after the dhcp is set to 1
14. If all  is good, then open pixie, un check that lower box and  click on the browse file ---- to load the rb.elf
15. Now here is the tricky part...and sometimes the whole above process is repeated because Windows in your computer is not "thinking straight"
16. Pixie is open and should show the If it does not then start over until you get pixie to "look" right.  I have discovered that double clicking can open more than one pixie session, so just make sure you have previously closed it and when you open it; it will show you the static ip. I usually afirm by ipconfig once more to make sure the static is set.
17. Remove the 24 dc pulg from the adapter, put pixie  on line, push and hold the reset switch, apply power to the adapter.
18. If a DoRead does not show up after 2 or 3 min,  and if you get anything else showning in pixie than a DoRead, then the "toggling" of  the power and reset switch timing has you going "nuts" because you have tried all the steps with no DoRead results. I had to try a static of as well  as and even .200. 
19.  That is why I printed a cap to insert for holding the reset switch when re-applying power to the POE adapter.
20. Once you get the DoRead the rest is straight forward...upload the nightly and wait.  Check with ipconfig to make sure where you are at as after the nocall loads and you put in your node name, location, etc save changes and "copy" the link address during reboot, so you remember to go back the the ethernet port to set for dhcp and not static before you paste the link into your browser.
I hope this helps???73 de Greg

Reset caps for MikroTek nodes

Here is a sample of the objects printed

Image Attachments: 
Reset caps for MikroTek nodes

STL files on tinkercad, let me know if you want the files

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