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Mikrotik LHG5AC XL new install procedure failure

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Mikrotik LHG5AC XL new install procedure failure

The ARDEN procedure to new install on a Mikrotik LHG5AC XL with v6.48.6 firmware requires downgrading to v4.45.8. The linked OpenWRT downgrade procedure states that OpenWRT newer than v6.46 must be downgraded to v4.45.8. The procedure provided does not work because on reboot the log file states that v6.45.8 cannot be installed because it is newer than the "factory version of v6.48.6". I upgraded to v6.48.7 to verify the procedure works when newer than v6.48.6. Mikrotik states that downgrading below the factory version is blocked because the hardware doesn't support it. All attempts to install ARDEN result in a hang requiring a power cycle and the unit returns to the undamaged v6.48.6 (now 6.48.7). Does anyone have a suggestion on how to install ARDEN on this unit?

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Just a piece of background on
Just a piece of background on RouterOS.  When a device is built is has a factory firmware version. Your observation is correct that you can not ever downgrade to a RouterOS version that is lower than the version of the factory firmware.  You can upgrade both the fimeware version and the RouterOS version, but neither can be downgraded below the factory firmware version.
BTW, I deal with RouterOS daily.
Is there a solution?
I've found the link to this page and have read it ... yikes!

Ironic that this requires a level of understanding of SSH? or other direct access to the code inside the antennas, and one of my long term tasks is to "go  elsewhere" to learn this stuff.

The procedure to flash AREDN firmware onto new devices is already challenging to teach, but this takes it to another level.  Is there a more elegant solution on the way to us folks who just want to buy equipment and get it running?

If this issue about needing to downgrade the manufacturer software or not being able to do so isn't solvable ... then I'm going to have to avoid all the new ac Mikrotik equipment.  That makes things AREDN a lot harder to implement.

Any clarity available today?  Thanks ... Ed 

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Mikrotik first install
Dave KM6FQ brought his recalcitrant LHG XL 5 ac over today, and I was able to do the first install using the AREDN published procedure with no issues.

Dave was doing the same procedure using the same OS (Linux) but for some reason wasn't successful.     I think we're good.

Orv W6BI
Thanks Orv ... I'm aware how hard you've been working on all this.

To be clear ... when Dave did this using a Linux OS it did not work, but when you did this using a Linux OS it did?  I assume your machine also was a different machine.  How well are Windows machines running SSH doing with this firmware rollback procedure?

I've had one Windows machine fail to do firmware installs, but another work fine.  Go figure. 

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Mikrotik first install
Ed, that's correct - we were both using the Linux procedure, and even with very similar distributions (on different machines of course).  Go figure.
I try to avoid using Windows as much as possible.   While I do mildly dislike it, it's just that I'm much more comfortable with Linux.

To be clear - for this particular exercise we did NOT roll back the version of RouterOS; we just put it into tftp and had the LHG suck the image off the Linux box (as outlined using a PXE server when using Windows).

Hope that's clear.

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Orv, let me make sure I got
Orv, let me make sure I got this ...

This was a new AC type device with firmware that was newer than the OpenWRT can work with, but instead of rolling back the firmware which is what is suggested in the orange color box talking about bootloop issues ... you used this procedure with the factory firmware left alone

PXE Boot: Linux Procedure


...... 4.  Open a terminal window to execute the following dnsmasq command with escalated privileges:   

and ... on one Linux machine it would not work but on another Linux machine it took fine and you then were at the NOCALL and could proceed further from there? 

If yes ... that's really good news.  Re Windows ... I don't like it either but I have to exist with one foot in both worlds.


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