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Mikrotik hAP ax3 and QRT 5 ac

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Mikrotik hAP ax3 and QRT 5 ac
My friend asked me to flash two Mikrotik nodes he purchased. After I set things up to flash, I looked carefully at the name plates and realized he did not order the hAP ac3 or the QRT 5 as he desired. Will either of these devices flash the currently listed ac3 and QRT5 builds??

Walter, kd7dny
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Post then full product name, please.
Hi, Walter:
QRT 5 ac == RB911G-5HPnD-QRT ?. If true, yes.

Mikrotik hAP ax3: Before a device can be modified for AREDN, it must be OpenWRT capable.
Until you see it listed in the link above,
it will not be listed here. :-|

73, Chuck


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