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Mikrotik hap ac lite RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US

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Mikrotik hap ac lite RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US
I am about to setup my first AREDN Mikrotik node. I have watched several videos on the install.  I downloaded the factory and sysupgrade files.  The videos shows the initramfs-kernel file to have an .ELF extension but the newest ( download has a .BIN extension.
The videos say to rename the file to RB.ELF should I change the .BIN extension to .ELF or should I rename the file to RB.BIN?
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The videos shows

"The videos shows"
What videos? Please post URL to videos.

Or follow:

73, Chuck

factory upgrade file
Thank you for your reply.  Here is the link to the video.
I have looked at the document you gave me the link for. And the document says the same thing that the video does.
To rename the initramfs-kernel.ELF file to rb.Elf
The file that is available for download is initramfs-kernel.BIN not .ELF.
My question is how do I rename that file?
Change the extension to .ELF or leave as a .BIN?
Thank you
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the document says the same thing that the video does.
Aside: That video is 3 years old.
3 years ago the .elf files did not contain 'kernel' in the filename.
The current 'factory' files contain 'initramfs-kernel' in the filename.

The filename and extension need to match the configuration of TinyPXE.

Not exactly the same.
"Rename the initramfs-kernel file to rb.elf".
Note that the current DOCs do not specify the extension.

The filename and extension need to match the configuration of TinyPXE.

I hope this helps,


Change the file name and the extension.
Thank you very much!
Thank You

Mikrotik hap ac lite RB952Ui-5ac2nD
I am unable to get a hAP upgraded to AREDN, following the instructions, with or without changing the filename (tried all ways). It worked so easily with the old .elf file - but no success at all  using the new kernel file. There is a comment about needing to downgrade your hAP if it is running firmware newer than 6.45.8, which is YEARS OLD. Current software is 7.10.2. 

I appreciate any suggestions or advice regarding this.  I'm actually trying to get a hAP that was configured for AREDN back into service. I attempted upgrading it to current AREDN firmware and failed somewhere, seemingly bricking it. I was able to recover it to RouterOS using netinstall, but have been totally unable to get it back to AREDN functionality.

I have also tried copying the bin file into the files folder on the hAP, then doing a restore, which also did not work. Just a wild chance try.

Carl, N7KUW
I have repeated the process,
I have repeated the process, except I first downgraded the RouterOS to 6.45.7 (using Mikrotik Netinstall).  I then installed the FACTORY file, per above instructions and the unit booted up in the initial AREDN screen.  Next, I uploaded the SYSUPGRADE file, and nothing. The USR light flashes a lot, and link indicators on the switch flash a lot, but the link indicator on the hAP never lights, and I never get connectivity to the final AREDN node.
I did change my laptop back to DHCP after uploading the SYSUPGRADE, as the unit should come up with it's own AREDN Mesh IP and dhcp server. Nada.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions - what am I missing?

Carl, N7KUW

But Success!  I finally got the hAP back to life, with the latest AREDN firmware running on it.  What an ordeal.  The sad part is, I don't really know what I did to make this happen.  I tried to again restore it to Mikrotik OS using Netinstall, but it would never connect. After several attempts, I hooked it back up to the 2nd ethernet port and dhcp, and saw that I again had a 192.168.1.x IP address on my laptop.  So I opened the address for AREDN and was at the factory level software.  Went through the process to upgrade with sysupgrade, and bingo, it worked this time.

So, scratching my head, but happy to finally get here.

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