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MikroTik Hap ac lite issues

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MikroTik Hap ac lite issues
Been running my Hap for a week or 2 now without any issues with 1 tunnel as a client. I go to activate my tunnel server and get it working then reboot to apply other settings and the hap wont reboot now with the WAN plugged into the hap. It just sits there and does not reboot. I have to take the WAN cable out of the hap then pull power and then re apply power and it boots up without the WAN plugged in..... I don't get it. I have re-flashed the firmware and still does this. Anyone else have this problem? Bad Unit or did something mess this up? 


Wait longer for reboot if WAN connected

I once had an hAP with a similar issue.  It would successfully reboot with the WAN cable plugged in, but it would take a full eight minutes.  So I always unplugged the WAN cable before rebooting, and it would reboot in the normal time of about 2 minutes.  I never figured out why it behaved like this, so I just used the workaround of unplugging the cable.

Yes this is the same thing happening for me.
Yes this is exactly what is happening.... I'm going to re-flash to factory OS then back to AREDN and see what happens... Very annoying! And it only started doing this right after installing tunnel server and setting that up. 

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