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MikroTik hAP AC Lite Cannot 'Turn off Mesh RF'

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MikroTik hAP AC Lite Cannot 'Turn off Mesh RF'

RE: FW version 1375-812c007​

Unchecking the Mesh RF box results in an error and thus cannot save the configuration:

Configuration NOT saved!
Some settings auto updated to avoid conflicts, please review and save one more time

This is the 2nd ​hAP AC Lite to experience this.  The first one was running FW 1360-9d5f8a3.

On the first unit we were able to finally get the Mesh RF off but we had to do odd things to kind of trick it.  I think we had to disable everything on that config page as well as the WAN, then it finally saved with Mesh RF off.

- Mike ab4yy

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The UI is klunky in this
The UI is klunky in this regards, needs some time-effort to clean it up :) .   We're all working on a 15 year old less than optimal implementation in need of an  overhaul.    It has to do with freeing up the 2GHz which can then be used by LAN AP or Wifi client options.   set things left to right so no conflicts with which radio is in use, or turn everything off, save, then set as desired.


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