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Mikrotik Basebox LEDs

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Mikrotik Basebox LEDs
Sorry if this question has already been addressed.  I would like to know what the LEDs are programed to do on the Mikrotik Basebox.  I have a new unit with 1080 firmware.  I can see the unit from my other nodes but only have one green LED.
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K1DOS,   Looks like we don't
K1DOS,   Looks like we don't have the mikrotik LED lights documented anywhere.   Here's Ubqiuiti and Tplink models as a reference.

For the basebox:

All lights come on at power up diagnostics, then go off.   All lights are color green.

PWR:   Blinks when AREDN linux kernel is starting up.   Solid after AREDN is running.
ETH:    Blinks when the Ethernet port has traffic.
USB:    Not used.
Low Signal Strength LED:   Solid when there is a mesh link (RF or DtDlink)    Blinks during firmware upgrade process.
Signal strength 2, 3, 4, and 5:   Not used

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Great - I was stumped until now.
Thanks, Joe.
I was stumped until now. I never really use the lights except to flash the firmware or to see it power up. 

I know a lot of people who might use the original RouterOS firmware who use the signal strength lights to point/aim their nodes. This method wouldn't work very with AREDN anyway. I prefer to use the AREDN's realtime SNR tool on the node's webpage via my smartphone - often with the audio indicator if the sun is really bright. It makes aiming easy and more precise than 4 LEDs.

-Damon K9CQB

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