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Is MeshPhone just the generic name for VOIP on AREDN or is there an actual application called MeshPhone?

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No particular "APP" - just a name that we call our phones on the MESH network. Kinda like CellPhone on a Cellular network!
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No App, but more than just a phone

K1KY is being somewhat modest...

MeshPhone can simply be called any phone (hard, soft, or adapter) that is on the Mesh and can call another phone on the Mesh.

Or, it can refer to the MeshPhone VoIP Network that connects a number of PBX's together with a common number plan. It currently has about 15 PBX's networked together on 4 different Mesh networks. Any one user can dial any other user on the Network by dialing a unique 7 digit number. Most of the PBX's are running some variant of asterisk (FreePBX, AllStar, raw asterisk). Little known is the fact that asterisk can also be used as a network device in addition to being a telephone server. Thus, each PBX does not need to have connectivity into every other PBX. It can funnel its traffic through a common PBX (or PBX's) to set up the end-to-end call.

Thus, MeshPhone is not an App but clever use of many copies of an App to make something bigger and provide service to a number of people or organizations. Already, there are a number of extensions installed in Red Cross Chapters, county EOC's, and other first responder agencies. Some people have put together portable/mobile PBX's for field use and which connect back to the main network when needed.


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MeshPBX setup

And is there any HOWTO into AREDN docs to install and make in networking a VOIP server?
I'm interested in it for ITALY.
Tell me HOWTO start!

-- 73 de Leo IZ5FSA
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networking a VOIP server?

Hi, Leo:
"  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet."
Replace 'Internet' with 'AREDN network' for this discussion.

An analogy would be:
- VoIP/IP_telephony is akin to a truck and an AREDN network is akin to a highway.
IOW, an AREDN network transports the VoIP protocols between and among VoIP telephones and PBXs.
A popular open source PBX is Asterisk ( as a backend server.
A popular frontend GUI to Asterisk is FreePBX ( or rasPBX (
Asterisk uses a library of many configuration files (*.conf).
FreePBX and rasPBX assists the PBX owner with editing and organizing said configuration files.
MeshPhone(sm) is a collection of skeleton Asterisk configuration files that assist the owner in configuring a PBX with several 'ham radio flavor' services.
AREDN is used to create an IP network.
Asterisk uses said IP network to transport VoIP protocols such as SIP and IAX2 to name a few.
I hope this helps,

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MeshPhone Docs Location

Hello Leo

Docs and a HowTo to install the MeshPhone telephone network on a pbx are available on the Mesh at http://n2mh-meshphone2.local.mesh/meshphone/index.html

In addition, a network map is available and a network White Pages (telephone directory).

If you have any questions are need support, please contact me off line. The easiest way to do that is to click on my callsign above this message.Then, click on the Contact tab and you will be able to email me.

73, Mark, N2MH

2 phones on mesh
we have a mesh setup that we want to use on field day and have a phone at each end. Our setup consists of 2 mesh stations each consisting of a nanostation m5, mikrotik hap ac lite router and computer at each end. Can I setup a phone at each station so we can just call each other?
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Yes.  Each phone will get an
Yes.  Each phone will get an IP from the hAP (I assume that is what it will be plugged into).  Most phones have the ability to dial by IP.  So you dial the IP address of the phone at the other end.
No PBX required.
Can you assign an IP address
Can you assign an IP address to a speed dial number
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Depends on the phone.
Depends on the phone.  I recall hearing some others were able to, but I can't with my Grandstream.

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