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meshchat v1.1 fixes

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meshchat v1.1 fixes

I've compiled a list of fixes for a meshchat v1.1 release:

Truncate channel names to a reasonable length to prevent display issues
Raspbian Stretch support
Error Sending Message: Could not get Lock
List files in alphabetical order

I think there are a few more problems I missed. I you know of any others please post to this thread.

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not exactly a problem

Since the preferred way to implement mesh chat is to put in on a raspberry pi and install only the API on the node, I was hoping to be able to use the USB port on the RPI for data file storage.   It looked like I could make a few changes changes to the configuration file and have this happen, but I was unsuccessful. 

If such a configuration option could be a standard feature, that would be nice...

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you should be able to point

you should be able to point the storage location to any available mount point on the pi.  I *think* that is already in the config...

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mount point

As I recall, I eventually changed pretty much everything to the mount point of the USB drive.  I got the message database over there, but not the files. And mesh chat stopped working correctly.  So maybe I just did something wrong and it was supposed to work.  In that case, an example of the correct way to do it would be great to have on line somewhere....

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