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meshchat v1.01 testing help needed

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meshchat v1.01 testing help needed


Alphabetical file list
File list column width changes
Fixes for long channel names
An attempt at stretch support. If someone has a pi to try this on that would be great.

To install on a PI:

copy file to your pi
dpkg -i /home/pi/meshchat_1.01_all.deb

You may be prompted if you want to keep your config, in most cases you want to keep your local config. Just check that has what you want in it after install.


Let me know any problems you find. Thanks!


Testing now at http://kd6epq-1-pi1.local.mesh/meshchat

No problems updating. Just had to put the node back in the config. This is a Jesse pi.


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meshchat v1.01 testing help needed

Fresh install of NOOBS_v_8_2 (because it lets me install / to hard drive).
Change the password for user 'pi'.
Create new user
Give new user the same groups as user 'pi'.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Installed meshchat_1.0_all.ipk on node (Ooopps, fixed later.)
sudo apt-get install curl apache2
dpkg -i meshchat_1.01_all
Edited 'our $pi_zone=' to local usage.
Load meshchat from node into browser and logon.
Send test message:
"Error sending message: Could not get lock"
Logoff of meshchat.
sudo systemctl stop apache2
Edited /lib/systemd/system/apache2.service, set 'PrivateTmp=false'.
sudo systemctl start apache2
 remove meshchat_1.0_all.ipk
 install meshchat_1.01_all.ipk:
  Installing meshchat (1.01) to root...
   Applying service announcement
   Mesh Chat has been setup at http://NC8Q-Loaner-locoM2-167:8080/meshchat
   An advertised service has been added for Mesh Chat on the Services configuration page
   Configuring meshchat.
   Failed to restart all services, please reboot this node.
Rebooted node.
 meshchat_1.01 loads current MESHCHAT messages from local AREDNMESH network.
 Send message works.
/\ fingers crossed.

3s, Chuck

sudo systemctl stop apache2

sudo systemctl stop apache2
Edited /lib/systemd/system/apache2.service, set 'PrivateTmp=false'.
sudo systemctl start apache2

If I read the OP correctly, weren't Stretch users supposed to not have to do that with 1.01?

You should not need to do the

You should not need to do the  'PrivateTmp=false' fix anymore. When the package is installed it checks if its stretch and installs a different config that uses /var/www/html/meshchat vs /tmp

what about meshchat-api?

So if we have a Raspberry Pi installation, do we keep meshchat 1.0 API on the node and upgrade the Pi?


Correct, you only need the 1

Correct, you only need the 1.0 API on the node.

Thanks, Ian.

Thanks, Ian.

I backed out the Stretch

I backed out the Pi Stretch fixes I made awhile back and 1.01 is still working on with meshchat api 1.0
without the previous Stretch fixes. 

Somehow I wound up with a .pm file with our $meshchat_path              = "/tmp/meshchat";
instead of "/var/www/html/meshchat";
and a file I don't remember putting there... but I don't remember a lot these days...

Nice to have the channel field truncated... We're running a local zone, MVMchat, FWIW.

Thanks, Trevor!


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v1.01 Looking Good

Trevor - Many thanks for this.  I have installed v1.01 all.ipk stand-alone on a Nanostation M2 with AREDN-186.  The "SEND" Button is no longer hidden by my long message list box.  This was an "upgrade" from a 1.0 install. I removed 1.0 first, then re-installed the 1.01 package.  All is well so far.

Looks good

Thanks for the update! I installed on my Raspberry Pi and everything looks good. Fixed the long channel names issue. (Thank you!!) Also Files section column widths look good for long file names! Alphabetical sorting is a nice feature too.

Sorry I don't have a stetch version of Raspbian (running on Wheezy) to try. Thanks again.

stretch testing on 1.01
Hi Trevor,

The test for 9.0 is too restrictive as 9.4 is the current stretch release.

When I modified the /etc/debian_version to 9.0 I get this

Setting up meshchat (1.01) ...
cp: cannot stat '/usr/lib/cgi-bin/': No such file or directory

I saw that there is a type-o in the filenames "mechchatconfig" should be "meshchatconfig" ??


# Check for stretch
if grep -Fxq "9.0" /etc/debian_version
cp /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ /usr/lib/cgi-bin/

Thanks for all your hard work.




Try this with fixes for
stretch testing with 1.02

This worked well:
pi@ki5aax-pi:~ $ sudo dpkg -i /tmp/meshchat_1.02_all.deb
(Reading database ... 106060 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack /tmp/meshchat_1.02_all.deb ...
Unpacking meshchat (1.02) over (1.01) ...
Setting up meshchat (1.02) ...
pi@ki5aax-pi:~ $


Meshchat-api 1.01 not returning data

Running meshchat 1.01 on Pi with stretch, and localnode has meshchat-api 1.01. I'm trying to use the API syntax from the original doc (like below), but always get "error no action".

     Get the logged in users in JSON format:
     curl http://localnode:8080/cgi-bin/meshchat?action=users

I noticed in /www/cgi-bin/meshchat on localnode there is an if - else testing $query{action} but unless it equals "meshchat_nodes" it prints "error no action."  So far I have not had any success getting the API calls to localnode to return anything.  I may be working from outdated documentation, though.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Many thanks!

I noticed that the meshchat api script from version 0.7b7 has way more code and features.  That leads me to believe I may need to install an earlier version of the meshchat-api in order to get all of those features?  the meshchat script in version 1.01 appears to be missing some stuff?

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Works on Buster

Chuck, nc8q,
Thanks for the instructions. I had the "Error sending message: Could not get lock" problem.
Followed your instructions on a RPi 3 with Buster and everything seems good.
Using MeshChat 1.02 on NS M2.
Don, KM4DC

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