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meshchat v1.0 released

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Tunnels & MeshChat

Probably not a good idea to have Tunnels and MeshChat on the same node.  Actually, I wasn't aware that you could even do that anymore.  Interesting work-around, but I would suggest finding another node or better yet putting MeshChat on an RPi as the main server.


Just the MeshChat API-only 'should' be ok. It's really small. I'm running it and a single tunnel on 64MB NSM. 600k flash free is the only thing of interest. On a Mikrotik, plenty of room! But yeah don't try to run the full MeshChat package.

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Procedure for iInstalling MESHChat on a Mikrotik hAP ac lite

Which installation procedure should be used to install MESHChat on a Mikrotik rb-952ui-5ac2nd with firmware version: 648-ef24633 (default SSID is AREDN-5-v3)?  that described for AREDN v3.15.1.0 or AREDN v316.1.0+ ??

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I'm running a nightly build

I'm running a nightly build on my MikroTik with MeshChat and Tunnel installed. The tunnel must be installed at the same time as the Nightly Build or you'll have a version mismatch but I've had no conflicts. Installing Mesh Chat is far easier. I downloaded a copy of the latest v1.02 from Trevor's site which I keep on my laptop. I then use the Browse/Upload (from laptop) option - works great.

Just know that it will automatically setup the service with a spun-name (which will immediately propagate out to whatever mesh you're connected to). If you want to change the name of your Chat instance, be sure to power that node down for approx 15 minutes after renaming it to allow that originally spun name to retire and not remain as a ghost). Best choice of an individual service name for MeshChat instance IMO is "CALLSIGN-chat".

- Don - AA7AU

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The recommended way, would be

The recommended way, would be to install the MeshChat API on the node via Trevor's package file.
THEN, install MeshChat on a RaspberryPi attached to the mesh.

AREDN DISCOURAGES people from installing the full MeshChat package directly on a node.

problem ubiq m-2 loco

My problem is I have two ubiquit m-2 loco xw I used aredn the lastest software which is loaded on the units I can see each unit on the software until yesterday they will not talk anymore HI HI don't know were to turn to now have you got any hints can I reset units to factory an try again thanks.




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