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MeshChat v1.0 Issues

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MeshChat v1.0 Issues

We here in the Sarasota county area of Florida think the mesh chat is a great idea but are having issues with the screen format and would like to see some improvements to the application.
First the screen issues. Attached is a screen capture and you can see the issues with fields overlapping fields and the Send button almost gone behind the Messages field. Some of us can not see the Send button at all! The author Trevor has been contacted several times without any reply.
Anyone else experiencing this issue? Are there any known fixes? As is, what could be a very useful application, is pretty much unusable!

A limit to how many messages are shown including the ability to delete some.
A vertical scroll bar on messages would help contain the length of the application.
More efficient use of screen space as many are running on minimal computers.
Files stored remotely on the attached computer to save the limited node memory.

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This looks like perhaps a browser issue. Which one are you using? Any plugins (noscript) or anything? I've tested IE, Firefox, and Chrome here and can't reproduce, but I'm running MeshChat on a pi.

As for file storage, it's best to run MeshChat from a Raspberry pi rather than on the node directly, that way you have essentially unlimited storage. There is a small API component that will still run on the node but it only passes messages and has a very small memory footprint.


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I usually use Firefox and on this computer it only has the Mozzila added 3 plugins.
THANKS, this does NOT happen in Chrome nor in Explorer.

Guess I'll change the default on the computer to Chrome.
I have considered adding a Pi but the instructions, to me, are confusing, as are the install on the node.

Appreciate you getting back to me.

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Send button almost gone behind the Messages field

<p>If you click the &#39;down arrow&#39; next to &#39;Channels:&#39; you may find that there are 1 or more very long channel names.<br />

Trevor fixed the hidden send

Trevor fixed the hidden send button in MeshChat 1.01 by limiting the length of the Channels Field. As NC8Q mentions, the problem is likely due to a very long channel name which wraps and forces the Send button down... in 1.0

If you have other problems with field sizes, it's likely the browser zoom level is too high. Type Ctrl-0 (zero) or Cmd-0 on a Mac to set it back to default.


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Thanks all

Version 1.02 and a cache clearing helped the crazy screens.

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