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meshchat v0.7b3 released

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meshchat v0.7b3 released

Detailed information and installation instructions can be found here:

**** Action Script support is now ready for testing. More info here: ****

Installation is the same for v0.7b3 as in the blog post link above. Doc and blog post will be updated when beta is finished. Just change the files for these ones:

Raspberry Pi:

This is a BETA version. Bugs guaranteed. Please try it and let me know what you find. This will place nicely with v0.6. v0.6 will display all messages regardless of channel from v0.7. You can install this version right over top of any existing version of meshchat.

**** Raspberry Pi / Debian / Linux Users ****

After you install the package you need to edit this file:


These 2 lines at the bottom:

our $pi_zone                    = 'MeshChat';
our $local_meshchat_node        = 'k7fpv';

$pi_zone is the zone that mesh chat should sync with. Zones are described in the release notes below.
$local_meshchat_node is a AREDN node on your mesh running mesh chat v0.7. The Pi queries this node to get the node list it should poll for the zone it belongs too.

Once those config file changes are made, restart the daemon:

sudo /etc/init.d/meshchatsync stop
sudo /etc/init.d/meshchatsync start

So to run mesh chat on a Pi you need to have the same version of mesh chat installed on a AREDN node somewhere on your mesh.

**** If you change your Zone on an AREDN node it is recommenced that your reboot the node for it take effect. ****

v0.7b3 Release Notes:

Play sound alert when a new message arrives
Mobile layout fixes
Permission problems on FreePBX - thx KE2N
Action Scripts ready for testing
Ctrl-Enter will send a message vs clicking the Send button

v0.7b2 Release Notes:
Fixed Updated secs on files and status pages
Poll lists / zone fixes
Lowercase node names on Pi
File table layout fix
Detect apache user and set permissions accordingly
Fixed height on channel drop down
Keep log of message ids processed by action scripts so they can’t repeat
Support USB drive for files on AREDN node if mounted
Action script log on status page 

v0.7b1 Release Notes:

Zones: You can now have segmented mesh chat databases on a single mesh. Mesh chat looks up the service name it has been given in OLSR. The default is MeshChat. It will only sync with other nodes / pi's that share the same service name. Now you can setup SoCalMeshChat, UtahMeshChat, etc and only the nodes with the same service name will sync with each other. Now when you tunnel into another mesh you won't dump your whole message db into their mesh chat, unless of course you share the same service name.

Change max message db size from bytes to 500 max messages: There was some issues when the db would get full, the whole db would get sent over every sync since the version did not match. To make things simple and robust all message db's are limited to 500 messages so when it is full, the quick version check works properly. Message db's are now stored in sorted order as part of this change too.

Added channels: You select or create a new channel when you send a message. You can select the drop down filter at the top of the message pane to select which messages to display. All message db's contain messages from all channels. They are filtered client side with the display filter.

Action scripts: Action scripts are only supported on the Pi version. This is pretty much done but needs more testing. If you feel adventurous you can add a line in /etc/meshchat_actions.conf You can read the comments in that file on what kind of matches you can do. I have a SMS gateway and archive working. More details and code to come.
Fixed + in messages
Added version, node, call sign, and zone to top of every page
Cleaned up interface
Added config option on Pi for mesh chat node - see above
Added config option for zone name on Pi - see above
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Does anyone know of a Python

Does anyone know of a Python lib that implements the AGWPE API?
Would make a nice action for a MeshChat -> Packet bridge....

AREDN version requirements?

Are there any AREDN version requirements?  Back at 0.6 there were two different packages, one for 3.15 vs. 3.16.  Also, how important is it to keep the various nodes' MeshChat versions upgraded at the same time or how does the sync work?  Will it just ignore non-matching MeshChat versions?

Feeling brave, I gave it a shot and installed on my 3.16beta nodes and it seems to be running.

Thanks for a cool service.

The blog post listed above

The blog post listed above details how to install based on version. Preferable to upgrade mesh chat versions at the same time but they will all talk to each other fine.

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MeshChat suggestion

We're using MeshChat for our weekly digital nets.   Several hams have suggested that the screen would be more useful if there were less white space, in all three windows especially vertically.  By reducing vertical spacing less scrolling would be required.   Our two cents from Ventura County.

This is coming in b4

This is coming in b4

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MeshChat Sync status?

​​Local MeshChat nodes sync regularly.  Across the tunnel, not so much.  Is that correct?


Image Attachments: 
It sync's all nodes at the

It sync's all nodes at the same interval. You are probably running into the tunnel issues in 3.15 and 3.16b1. Those should be addressed in b2.

v0.7b4 released:http://www

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