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meshchat v0.3

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meshchat v0.3

Detailed information and installation instructions can be found here:

New in this version:

Version checking to prevent downloading the whole db every time
Performance optimizations
Raspberry Pi support
File sharing support

File storage is limited to 2 MB on mesh nodes, and 90% of storage on pi.

If you are currently using meshchat, un-install it off all your nodes before upgrading to this version. To install on a pi do these commands:

sudo apt-get install wget apache2
sudo dpkg -i meshchat_0.3_all.deb

Then browse to http://<pi ip address>/meshchat

meshchat assumes the default gateway of the pi is a mesh node. If it is not then edit /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ and add a host name for your node in $extra_nodes ie:

our $extra_nodes = [ 'k7fpv-bullet-node' ];


Raspberry Pi:

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