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MeshChat on Pi help. please

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MeshChat on Pi help. please

I am now trying to get MeshChat to work on a newly install Pi with all the updates. V1.02 works now for all of us following some of us clearing our browser cache

Pi 3B attached to the node.
Have meshchat-api 1.02 running on the node: Nano M2
Installed Apache2
Downloaded and installed mesh chat
Reserved the DHCP address and set up an advertised service with the Name = the zone I want to be in and port: 8080
   MeshChat-SRQ HTTP://MeshChatPi:8080/meshchat
   Saved configuration
in edited
   our $pi_zone = 'MeshChat-SRQ';
   our $local_meshchat_node = 'W2DEN-Nokomis-M2-N';

Not sure what to type in the browser url. Instructions say http://<pi ip>/meshchat
<pi ip> doesn't work.... tried all kinds of variants with no luck

Any help will be appreciated.


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You should be able to use

You should be able to use your DHCP reservation name:   MeshChatPi.
The issue may be that there are OTHER hostnames on the mesh with that same name.   You should ALWAYS prefix your hostnames with your callsign to try to make them unique.  ie.    W2DEN-MeshChatPi   or   W2DEN-MeshChatPi-1



By default it runs on port 80. Did you change it to 8080 in apache?

I would put the full domain name in for the node: our $local_meshchat_node = 'W2DEN-Nokomis-M2-N.local.mesh';

http://yourhostname.local.mesh/meshchat should work

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Some progress but not there yet

I followed both suggestions:
DHCP Reservation Name: W2DEN-MeshChatPi
Advertised Services: MeshChat-SRQ  http:// W2DEN-MeshChatPi:80/meshchat
   our $pi_zone = 'MeshChat-SRQ';
   our $local_meshchat_node = ' W2DEN-Nokomis-M2-N.local.mesh';
URL: http://w2den-meshchatpi.local.mesh/meshchat/

I uninstalled the API and reinstalled it and rebooted the node.
Now Mesh Chat v1.02 opens. I can log in and see the CHAT page but it does not link. The Updated: counter just keeps going up. My call does not appear on any other sites.  ZONE: MeshChat-SRQ and NODE: raspberrypi

When I try to Send a message: Error sending message: Could not get lock


MeshChat on Pi Help Needed

W2DEN,  Just wondering if you ever figured out what the problem was.

I have tried several times to setup MeshChat on a Pi and each time I have gotten to the same spot.  On the Pi meshchat does not see the other nodes and if I try to send a message I get the "Error sending message" as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thomas - K7CTM

Other thread

Look in this thread starting at message #18:



Thank ou for the help.

Thomas - K7CTM

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