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MeshChat not syncing

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MeshChat not syncing

I have two nodes setup, one with a M2 Bullet  and the other has an M2 Rocket.  The nodes are running and both have MeshChat 1.0 installed.
I can enter a message on the Bullet Node and it shows up on the Rocket node.  But it doesn't work the other way - entries on the Rocket don't appear on the Bullet node.  The MeshChat zones have a generic  MeshChat-9077 name. The spelling is the same on both nodes.   I've uninstalled and reinstalled and have run out of ideas.

Also, if one mode goes offline it never syncs and retrieves messages from the other node. 

Any troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Rob, W8MRL

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Possible reason

I thin the reason I'm having issues that the the two nodes don't have accurate clocks.   I still haven't figured out how to setup my GS105E and a way to tunnel to the internet.  So, I have no way to set the clocks.  Is there a hidden way to force an update to change the date and time manually not rely on the internet?

I built an NTP server using a

I built an NTP server using a GPS input, and that's hanging off one of my nodes. A decent USB GPS unit runs $25-50, and a Raspberry Pi is more than capable of dealing with the input. You don't need 1PPS or anything exotic to get sub-millisecond accuracy. I think I'm averaging 250-300 microseconds on the jitter on that particular unit.


You can telnet to the node and set both manually:

date -s '2018-09-03 04:45:00'

Note this should be UTC time.


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Clock sync was my issue

I was having issue with message sync.  I had my local Raspberry PI set to the America / Los Angeles time zone.  I changed it to UTC and rebooted.  No more sync issues.

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MESHChat not syncing

I've seen this "one-way" behavior  on older firmware, but not on
I suggest upgrading to MeshChat v1.01, maybe latest Nightly or 3.16.2 firmware as well as setting up a "new" MeshChat Zone that is common between the 2 nodes.  The -xxxx MeshChat zones are really sort of "temporary" names unique to each new installation on a node to keep from conflicting with production MeshChat Zones.  Do you have any other Common MeshChat zones working on your system with nodes synchronizing together?  We have a Common MESHChat Zone as well as TNMeshChat zones on our system.   The zone names must match - I believe case-sensitive as well.

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