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MeshChat for CERT

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MeshChat for CERT

Greetings All!

I have been working with my local CERT group as well as my son to really put the AREDN Mesh to use for CERT purposes. We are actively building out the Inland Empire of San Bernardino County and now have a real solid like to the OC group via a 5Ghz point to point from Redlands to Pleasant's Peak. Looking at the other nodes out there I see many deploying the MeshChat App as we are running here which is exciting.

I see lots of potential application for this with CERT teams so want to throw the idea of expanding this on the Mesh and creating some specific channels for CERT use. Any interest in building on this and doing some testing or functional exercises?

Keith - AI6BX

CERT emergency messaging system

Are you familiar with WL2K?
It works perfectly in the AREDN system for messaging and sending ICS forms.  It also is multi platform for RF connections other than AREDN.  If you are not familiar please watch the video on the home page and let me know what you think?    We are hoping to get the HAM's in our CERT group  "TCC" here in Temecula,CA trained in using the system.

I am so sorry

I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner as I completely missed your post.

yes, I am familiar with WinLink but have not played with it on the mesh. Do you have it deployed where I can check it out?


Deployed AREDN WL2K gateway access

Yes we do have it deployed  on  two of our nodes in Temecula.   It is accessed by using Winlink express  software  and opening a session under the telnet Post office.   We have two  Network servers configured ,   one server  (NH6WR-11)  will forward email into the WL2K system  and  the broader  internet if need be;  the second (NH6WR-12)  is configured to hold email for local pickup .   If you have access into  the system  you can try and connect using  NH6WR-11 in the callsign  field and  IP Address as     and the Port  field as 8772.

WL2K and RMS Relay

You might want to look at RMS relay for your Winlink acitivites.  It offers some very interesting features that work extremely well on MESH.  In Ventura County we have 3 (and soon to be 4) RMS Relay nodes.  Any user can log onto any one of the 4 nodes to get their messages.  If the node you normally get messages from becomes inoperative, you can get your message from eitheer of the other 3 nodes.  When you put a message on a node, it is automatically sent to the other nodes in your system, and when the recipient picks up the message, it is automatically deleted at the other nodes.  You can have multpul connections betwween nodes at the same time.  Very fast system. 

I would like to know more

I would like to know more about how you set this up. Is there a link you can share or list of equipment used?

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