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Mesh Phone Dial Patterns

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Mesh Phone Dial Patterns
Good Morning,

Before our directory gets too big I wanted to have a conversation about extension organization. I had a few questions and wanted to see how others were breaking this down.

What system do you use in your mesh? Is it a guess by golly or well thought out numbering pattern?

Thanks in advance!

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Here in Northwest Ohio, we

Here in Northwest Ohio, we have set up the following numbering plan that can be extended theoretically nationwide. It's pretty simple. <State><County><Extension>, so I have 17-48-017, and someone just across the line from me might have 26-58-123. State is just the two digit number, in the order they joined the union, county is the way the state assigns the county number, in both Ohio(17) and Michigan(26), that's alphabetical order. We figured 1000 extensions in a county was probably good around here, but if you're in a really populated area, you could make that bigger. We have one person managing assigning the extension numbers for the region just so we don't have duplicates. If your area would like to adopt similar, you're welcome to. In any case, I recommend talking to others around you to make sure that everything is compatible.


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That's a solid option.

That's a solid option.

Any others?
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Just a quick update, we're
Just a quick update, we're looking at adding more PBXes, and having them talk. With that, I'm suggesting a couple additions to it, based on the NANP - reserving extension 611 either directly or as a forwarder to point to the person who maintains that county PBX, and extension 911 being reserved for the EOC (again either directly, as a forwarder, or as a ring group)
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My Approach

On a PBX network I put together called "MeshPhone", we have a 4-digit dial plan for local calling and a 7-digit plan for network calling. Your network number is your 4-digit local number prepended by your Area Code, which most people can readily understand.

Thus, my shack extension is 2111 and my MeshPhone number is 973-2111.

Locally, to call up my NOAA Weather Radio, you dial 2199 and from the network you call 973-2199.

There's about 40 PBX's scattered around the world on the network. International locations use their 2-digit country code prepended by a 0 or 1 plus their 4-digit extension instead of Area Codes which are only used here in the States, Canada, and certain Caribbean countries.

PBX's using 3 digit extensions are prepended by their Area Code and a dummy digit to round out their network number to 7-digits.

Of course, local pbx's can get together and devise their own dialing plan for their community of interest. The main thing is that the dialing plan of one pbx can not overlap the dialing plan of another pbx. And, this can transcend Area Codes. A few years ago I devised a plan for the state of Tennessee which is now working well in practice. 4-digits for the whole state and Area Codes depending on county (mirroring what is done in the telephone network).

73, Mark, N2MH

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We have been using an
We have been using an alphanumeric scheme here.

KD1HA = 53142
KB1JFG = 521534 
N2MH = 6264
KF7VOL = 537865

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How do you deal with dialplan
How do you deal with dialplan collisions in that? We have several pairs of hams in our area with sequential calls because they took our club's tech class together...
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Thank's for everyone's info!
Thank's for everyone's info! I think I need to take some time to digest this. In some ways I still need to do some catching up. I going to come back to this once I can get a better understanding of what we are is looking to do. For now, we have four digit extensions which sounds like it will jive with the approach Mark shared

Thanks guys and be safe out there!
Dialing plan for Oregon

Just found you post, though I share our dialing plan.  

In our mesh network, we use a 6 digit dial plan.  We have several counties following this.

First digit = 7 (Oregon call area)
Second digit = ARES district number
Third digit = County designation
Digits 4/5/6 = County's choice for delegation

Oregon counties ARES district map

I have also provide the pdf file showing how numbers are assigned.

File Attachment: 
Dial Plan in Northwest Fla
I'm running a PBX server for the Northwest Fla area. We're using the regular prefix of 850. This covers all counties that are in the 850 area. At that point we started with 5100 and started adding. Example: 850-5100 is Dave KC4JIR. Mine is 850-5101. As the requests come in I add them as the next number available. This tell me and others that the person calling is in the 850 Northwest Fla area. Likewise, Dave KC4JIR is also running a PBX server with his prefix that is the same as the prefix dialing of Warner Robins Ga. Hope this helps. Apply it if it will work for you. We see it as a way to get an idea of the area stations are located. At least the region.
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A dial plan

See above:

Use a 7 digit number.
ZZZ=North American area code (
YY='office code'

Warner Robbins GA might be 478-YYXX

73, Chuck


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