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mesh not working

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mesh not working

I have been following the build out of the AREDN net from Orange and San Bernardino Counties for the past 6 months.  Now that Snow Peak has a node pointed East I should be able to find the signal from Snow by setting up my NanoBridge M5 in a location visible from Snow Peak.  I have tried 3 locations and not been able to log onto the mesh.  Likely I am not getting lined up properly with the signal from Snow, but I decided to try a test at home.  I pointed the NanoBridge M5 at a NanoStation M5.  of course the signal is strong between the 2 nodes but still the mesh does not run. 

What could be wrong  that would stop the mesh running, even at close range  ?  Any suggestions ?  

 thanks to Keith,  AI6BX for working with me on this.

Hugh, KW5X in Palm Springs/Coachella Valley.

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Starting with the basics
Starting with the basics, confirm that the following entries are exactly the same on both nodes:
1)SSID - example=AREDN-5-v3
2) Channel
3) Channel Width
  I have carefully compared channel number and channel width and all match at # 162 and 10MHz.  All includes Snow Peak and both of my nodes.
SSIDs are 
        KW5X NanoStat M5-10-v3
        KW5X NanoBridge M5-10--v3 

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No spaces in node names
Change node names to:

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If you can see the node but can't connect reliably (your message wasn't clear on that), make sure your Distance setting is a bit farther than the node you're trying to communicate with.
thank you, I will include
thank you, I will include that in setting up the node

Hugh  KW5X
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You mentioned that you tried
You mentioned that you tried three locations to try and get into Snow. What are those locations?

I used your QTH from and can see why you are not able to get in from there.
I have attached a clip of the Active nodes map from and a plot from airlink.

Snow has three nodes:
1.  AI6BX-7-RM3-XM-Snow-P2P-Redlands on 3.410 GHz providing a point-to-point link to AI6BX-1-P2P-SNOW.
2.  AI6BX-7-RM5-SNOW-SW on channel 160 (5.800 GHz) 10 MHz Bandwidth with a 120 degree sector antenna pointing SouthWest (not in your direction)
3.  K6AH-SN5GDL112 on channel 162 (5.810GHz) 10 MHz Bandwidth (pointed East but maybe not in your direction and possabily not line-ofsight.

Could you attach screenshots of the Mesh Status and Basic Setup pages of the two nodes that you are using when trying to connect to Snow Peak and to each other?
Image Attachments: 
You do have my home location
You do have my home location correct, and I would not expect to be able to see Snow from my home because of the mountains.    I believe the K6AH node pointing East-SouthEast  is pointing along the North edge of the pass and toward the Edom Hill tower site.  This info is from AI6BX

I looked for Snow near the intersection of I-10 and Hwy-111, East of Tipton Rd: 33.910013,  -116.649096 and  on  Edom Hill at the intersection of Varner Rd and Mountain View :  33.886974, -116.476161. 

I will take my newly functional NanoBridgeM5 again to the locations I listed above.  FYI, weather is a factor; the sites are directly down wind from the pass so wind is common and, with the storm moving through SoCAl, wind has been blowing for the past 4 days and now today.  I will report again here when I  get calmer weather.   many thanks,  Hugh  KW5X
Hi Hugh, In order for any two nodes to connect the SSID's need to be the same. For the AREDN mesh it's generally either "AREDN-10-v3" or "AREDN-5-v3" for 10Mhz and 5Mhz bandwidths respectively. Your node's SSID should be set exactly to "AREDN-10-v3" for the Snow Peak nodes. Notice that you only need to type in "AREDN" in the setup field; the -10-v3 is automatic. The place for callsigns and equipment descriptions would be in the 'Node Name' field. That field can contain no spaces... use a - instead. Not sure where you are currently but your callsign lookup QTH puts the foothills above Hwy 111 to the west completely in the way of Snow Pk. You said you tried several locations, so hopefully you have a clear shot elsewhere! Ian (other side of Snow Pk, in Redlands)
I recognized right away that 

I recognized right away that  I had named the SSID and node incorrectly.  I went through the nodes revising SSID to AREDN-10-v3 and the node name to, for example, KW5X-NanoBridgeM5-188-37-125.  The mesh started working, and apparently properly.  Sorry for an obvious error, but I am completely new to AREDN and mesh networking.  I did go through the set-up and checked the distance setting, and the LAN Mode is set to  5 host Direct. 
thanks to all,  Hugh

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Congrats!  welcome to the
Congrats!  welcome to the mesh!

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