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Mesh network for power companies

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Mesh network for power companies
Not sure if it's a mesh network like ours, or just uses the same name.
and some new acronyms:
NAN neighborhood area network
FAN field area network

Some of these things look to share our 900MHz band

A web site telling of the evils of mesh network smart meters  devil Some info is incorrect, though...

"Let’s take a moment to learn about collector meters, meter chatter, and mesh networks because they have important implications for health. As we mentioned, smart meters send information (data on your electricity usage) to the utility about 6 times a day. However, the meters are chattering with (talking to) one another constantly, comprising what is known as a mesh network. It is this “chatter” (incessant signaling) that accounts for the 9,600 to 190,000 transmissions per day. Unlike a cell-phone network, which has large antennas that capture and transmit data, with individual phones moving around and connecting to the closest antenna in order to utilize the network, a mesh network has no centralized antennas. Every meter in the network can connect to every other one.  A DTE employee has told us that one in every 17 or so homes or office buildings is the collection point for all the meter transmissions in an area. As this employee put it, “We know the person who has a collecting meter on their home is going to have a funeral coming up soon."

"Representation of meters signalling to each other. Signals can travel meter to meter (represented by the red lines), or a meter can skip many meters (the latter represented by the green line). One or more of these meters is a collector meter, which receives many more signals than the other meters because it is the “gathering point” that meters send their data to. The collector meter then sends data to a data collection unit, which is often mounted on a telephone pole. Meters chatter with each other 24/7. This picture cannot even begin to represent the multitude of signals. At the same time that all this is happening, the data collection unit and collector meter may be sending signals back to the meters (singals back represented by the red lines). "  


The "register" freq looks to be on our channel 0?   If true, a source of QRM.  Though Ubiquiti nodes can't use channel 0. 

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