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mesh network and a fcc ruling

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mesh network and a fcc ruling

I would like some clarification with mesh networks and the fcc ruling

A proposed rule by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could spell the end of a project in Oakland to create a free or low-cost Wi-Fi network for the city’s residents.

Two years in the making, Wi-Fi sharing project Sudo-Mesh’s viability is in jeopardy as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prepares to restrict the ability to modify routers, an ability that the project depends upon to make its Internet network widely available


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The fcc has responded to the

The fcc has responded to the proposed rule making feedback:

"Describe, if the device permits third-party software or firmware installation, what mechanisms are provided by the manufacturer to permit integration of such functions while ensuring that the RF parameters of the device cannot be operated outside its authorization for operation in the US. In the description include what controls and/or agreements are in place with providers of third-party functionality to ensure the devices’ underlying RF parameters are unchanged and how the manufacturer verifies the functionality."

This does not, however, prevent manufactures from locking down their devices for their own business reasons.  The concern is that it may be lower cost for a manufacturer to digitally sign and prevent 3rd party images, than to meet the fcc requirements in another way and support 3rd party images.  The FCC seems to be passing the ownership to the manufacturers to let the market determine this--taking them out of the hot-seat.  

I will avoid, like the plague, buying from manufacturers that begin to prevent 3rd party firmware from loaded--for all my business, home, and ham usage.   I suspect our community will spend our money and vote accordingly.

This will  take some time to unfold....

Joe AE6XE 

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