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Mesh Map not polling

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Mesh Map not polling
Hi all,
Hoping someone can point me to a troubleshooting guide or something that could tell me why my MeshMap setup, while is accessible, is just not polling the connected nodes.

I have searched a lot over the last couple of days for something but am not finding anything that would point me to a cause for this to not work.

Any suggestions would be helpful, as I am not extremely familiar with all things Linux(Rasbian), I am learning quickly just lack the years of experience I have with the 'other' OS.

Raymond - W9KHP

Which MesMap are you using? I
Which MesMap are you using? I'm aware of KG6WXC KN6PLV versions that operate quite differently (I'm running both).

I'm aware of the KG7WXC MeshMap needing some code updates to draw links correctly with some semi-recent changes in API data. For me this one is updating data as expected, just not drawing the links.
I also run the KN6PLV MeshMap and mine also is not polling the nodes. it does it when I manually run the update script, and it's in my crontab, but it doesn't run automatically for some reason that I haven't investigated yet.

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Is this map polling your
Is this map polling your local nodes?

If not, maybe all you need is a Supernode on your local mesh.

Contact Tim ( for information on getting/setting up a Supernode.


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