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Mesh Map

For what it's worth, the mesh map isn't showing many deployed (and operational) nodes in Oregon, specifically the Willamette Valley

Bear in mind that AFAIK the

Bear in mind that AFAIK the map is not updated automatically as far as I know, you must manually enter and upload each node's location from the "optional settings" in the Setting tab. The node must have internet access to contact the map server at

Many Oregon node locations have not been uploaded to AREDN

Hi Ken,
In the Willamette Valley, we use the live Mesh Map programmed by KG6WXC. It is updated every 30 minutes.

As many of our nodes are not connected to the internet, and we tend to move radios around for testing, we haven't uploaded many locations to the static map on the AREDN servers.

73, Brett, KG7GDB
Salem Oregon


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