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Mesh + local network

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Mesh + local network

I've 2 units of Ubiquiti M2 units here that I was able to mesh together on a short distance (5km)
I've connected my home side to my home network and wanted to reach from inside the network the Rocket M2 unit.

While I can attach my laptop directly to the unit and have access,
no matter what I did - thru the home network when I connect the LAN side of my POE to the router I just can't reach it.

I've tried to use NAT with static IP ( where my router's scope is
and I also tried to have WAN with IP with subnet and GW

Any suggestions on how to achieve that?

Thanks and 73,

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Connecting your home network to the node's WAN side, the mesh node's firewall blocks the incoming traffic from access to the AREDN network.     

If you merge together your home network LAN and the mesh node LAN, then review to make sure there are not conflicting IP addresses for any 2 devices.   Also, make sure there aren't 2 DHCP servers on this 192.168.1.x network.     Then make sure your computer has a route to send 10.x.x.x addresses to the mesh node.  it could be using a default route going to your home router, rather than the mesh node.

Joe AE6XE 

Browsing mesh from regular LAN

I was never able to get the NAT mode to work properly on the mesh node.  Perhaps my solution will help you or at least give you some ideas.

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