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Mesh connected RMS Client to Client

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Mesh connected RMS Client to Client

I would like to have a laptop inside a building running Winlink Express be connected by AREDN mesh nodes to another laptop at a portable or mobile RMS HF station set to connect to an RMS Server.  The message would be created on the first laptop and then passed to the RMS HF station.  That station would initiate an HF connection to a predetermined RMS server and pass the message.  Is this possible?  If so, how?

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Check out RMS Relay

I believe RMS Relay is the tool you're looking for.  One Winlink station sends an email using an RMS Relay post office.  That RMS Relay would be connected to an HF Radio and send the message.  That's how it works in concept anyway.

I have an RMS relay connected to one my nodes.  It is not connected to a radio, rather, it is connected to the Internet.  So it can pass traffic for AREDN connected devices who don't have Internet access in the field.  

---mark, KM6ZPO

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