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Mesh and Drats

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Mesh and Drats

Anyone have Drats running on a mesh network? If you do, I would appreciate some help a on implementing it. Thanks.


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D-Rats Support

How are you wanting to use D-Rats?  D-Star is a network in and of itself which D-Rats will route through.  Are you wanting to use the mesh network to provide a path to the Internet?  Then so long as you can get to a mesh node that has been setup as a Gateway, you're all set... simply configure D-Rats with that as your gateway.

Andre, K6AH

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D-RATS is pretty easy to

D-RATS is pretty easy to implement. There is the Ratflector server that you'll run on a computer and set as an advertised service ( From there, you can direct D-RATS clients to connect to the Ratflector and then you can chat, send pictures, files, and email like messages.

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