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Mercer County and tunnels

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Mercer County and tunnels

Hey all,

I'm looking to get some activity going in Mercer County.  There's some interest and also working to get a couple of the local clubs involved. I've had my node running at my house on and off for over a year with nobody to connect to, but I've become relatively familiar with the architecture, etc.  I'm a network engineer by trade, so this isn't totally foreign to me, although I did have to do some research on OLSR.

While we work to get more RF connectivity, is there anyone in NJ who would be willing to get a tunnel going with me so I can at least have broader reach and maybe do some demos?

thanks, 73,

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Contact W2TTT


Contact Gordon, W2TTT, via the contacts page here on AREDN. ( or Aly, AL0Y ( Either person can set you up with a tunnel into the NNJ network. You might also contact WU2S for an invitation to NJ-AREDN on Slack. (

73, Mark

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