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Meraki MR16 not providing dhcp addresses

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Meraki MR16 not providing dhcp addresses

A couple of us have verified that the current beta (405-49017f4) loaded into the MR16's evidently do not hand out ip's.  I have tried checking and unchecking the "dhcp Server" box and it makes no difference, still no ip's allocated.  The ethernet and DTD linking into a mesh switch otherwise work okay.

73 - Mike ab4yy

I get the same results with

I get the same results with the newest nightly 433-8ff4156.

Also when not DTDed but just powered up, the 2 GHz RF is reasonably strong on my regular mesh node but I cannot get into the M16 from there.  It seems I can only get into it when I put it back in the DTD configuration.

- Mike

Any suggestions?

I still have the problem with the current nightly (aredn-482-1f28582) of the device not allocating an ip addresse to my connected computer.
Are there any terminal commands I can run to check the dhcp service is running or to start or restart it?
Thanks, Mika ab4yy

DHCP problem - is fixed now

I installed last night's nightly (529-c179ce4) the now DHCP server works.
Thanks guys!
73 - Mike

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