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Meraki MR16 and new release

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Meraki MR16 and new release

Here's a few comments on the Meraki MR16:

  • A couple of us have successfully flashed them with OpenWRT the with AREDN.  Initially we tried Cucumber but had no success so went with the usual serial method.  I've done two or three units but its been months since I've done so and my notes haven't been organized so it would take me a little time to figure it out again.  :)


Look for: aredn-

Currently we have three of these on our network and really like them.  The definitely were worth the $12 (each)!

73 - Mike

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Meraki MR16's show now show

Meraki MR16's should now show on the AREDN map properly.

Meraki MR16's release working

I followed these directions to the letter: I loaded OpenWRT 19.07.5.
and then using OpenWRT web based GUI I used the  "flash new firmware image" tool. loaded the "aredn-".  

Just remember to uncheck "keep settings". (if you send firmware and forget to uncheck keep settings your going to want to hold the reset button for 15 seconds)

I will keep testing but everything looks good as of yet.

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