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Meraki MR16

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Meraki MR16

GitHub indicates that an image has been built for the Meraki MR16, however I have been unable thus far to track it down.

Does it in fact exist?


I looked in the nightly builds, but my wife will tell you I am horrible at finding things, especially when they are right in front of my face!

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Seeking mr16 nightly build

It is hiding in the ar71xx/generic, between the gl-inet and the ubnt:
aredn-359-10ff6f5-ar71xx-mr16-sysupgrade.bin <----

I hope this helps,


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Thanks NC8Q! Are good

Thanks NC8Q! Are good flashing instructions lying around somewhere? I have a few of these arriving tomorrow and I'm looking forward to setting them up.

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MR16 is dual band, does mesh support 2.4GHz or 5GHz side?

The Meraki M16 is a dual band device with a 2.4 GHz antenna (near the Ethernet connector) and 5GHz antenna near the top of the device. Which one of those are used on the mesh side (the AREDN OSLR protocol side)?
I'm also very interested in the flashing intructions.
- Damon K9CQB

MR16 uses 2.4GHz for mesh by default

5GHz can be used for WiFi at the same time.

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Any chance that any of other

Any chance that any of other Meraki APs will become usable on AREDN?  I have several MR34s that will eventually be replaced with newer APs (one fairly soon).

Other Meraki APs

Maybe if the hardware has good OpenWrt support. Start there.

In the MR16, the Atheros chipset used was already very close to several other supported devices.

I just picked up 4 of the

I just picked up 4 of the MR16's because I'm a glutton for punishment

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Have you found any good

Have you found any good flashing instructions? I'm ready to work on mine as soon as I get some guidance on the process.

I've looked at the OpenWRT

I've looked at the OpenWRT projects' pages for this device. I will probably start there and flash it with OpenWRT first and then load the AREDN image from there. I'm still awaiting the devices in the mail. 

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That was my plan, too, if no

That was my plan, too, if no one came up with start-to-AREDN instructions. I have 8 of them already opened up, USB to serial adapter on hand, and am ready to go. Did you find any good instructions for flashing openwrt? I found a couple, but they weren't consistent and I'm not sure which I should follow.

Other than verifying that

Other than verifying that there was support in OpenWRT and that there look to be instructions, I haven't got by that. I have 4 of these coming in though and as soon as I don't brick one, I'll be sure to post what I came to. 

Does anyone know how an image for this was built to begin with ? Just seems kinda weird just appeared on the support matrix all the sudden. Was there a thread where someone built this image ? 

Look on the AREDN github site

Look on the AREDN github site here:

Thanks, This is exactly what

Thanks, This is exactly what I was looking for. 

Flashing instructions

For mine I flashed OpenWrt first using the AR71xx instructions here:[]=mr16#ar71xx_19075_and_before

After that I just used the sysupgrade file and installed AREDN with the updater in LuCi.

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