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Max Distance & Bandwidth Settings

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Max Distance & Bandwidth Settings

I made the mistake of reading sections of the "Docs" information which prompts these questions. My interpretation is that the distance setting only applies to neighbors that I can directly contact. This may be more than one node but the longest distance neighbor determines the setting. I changed my node from zero to 5.56 miles because presently the most distant neighbor is 4.8 miles. After doing that LQ & NLQ numbers seem to improve but we also had steady winds that may have removed some leaves. I now have 4 or 5 neighbors.2-4 remote nodes displayed.

I found no suggestions for bandwidth settings based on types of usage.. Default appears to be 10. I suspect that mesh chat uses very very little bandwidth. VOIP a little more and video probably more yet, but how much more. I suspect that at lower bandwidth settings link reliability probably rises as long as the required data rate is less than the bandwidth setting. Are there some suggestions for a starting value?

One last question. Assuming I have proper passwords, can some of these settings be tweaked from a remote node or must I bring a PC to each node and be hard wired to the node to make changes.


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Max Distance & Bandwidth Settings

Hi, Bob:

I found 2 questions in your post.
One seemingly related to the bandwidth setting.
"Are there some suggestions for a starting value?"
I suggest starting with the widest bandwidth that presents a SNR of at least 15 dB.

  • A reason to reduce bandwidth would be to extend the maximum allowable distance between node neighbors.
  • Another reason would be to increase available channels in a crowded RF LAN/MAN/WAN.

Your 2nd question dealt with modifying settings on a node from a workstation is not in that node's LAN network.
Yes, with proper credentials, you can modify all settings on any node (via RF, DtD, or tunnel link).
You can even load firmware.

73, Chuck


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