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MatterMost Chat Servers linked

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MatterMost Chat Servers linked
Thanks to the work of Bailey, KK6ORT, and Eric, KG6WXC, we now have two Mattermost servers linked on the Mesh. KK6ORT-Debian.local.mesh:1001 is located in Redlands, CA and kg6wxc-srv.local.mesh:8065 is located in Ventura, CA.

Look for the public channel “MeshLink” on the Ventura side and “outermesh” on the Redlands side.

Great work guys!
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Internet access also
There's also an Internet Mattermost instance linked to these - .
Because it's exposed on the Internet and linked to amateur radio, you'll need an invite to log in.

The nice thing about it is, there's also an Mattermost Android app, so you can stay connected everywhere :-)
And Apple
There is an IPhone and iPad app as well. If you want the Internet access for the Redlands server it is at
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Thank you guys. MatterMost is one of the best chat tools.
I'm glad folks are starting to use a server-based chat system, especially MatterMost, which is one of the best chat systems out there right now. It would be cool to see Raspberry Pi based versions of the server with an alternate and contingency server ready to go at distributed locations in case that link goes down. We have discussed setting up our PBX server that way here in Northern Virginia.

-Damon K9CQB

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