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Map upload not working

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Map upload not working
We are trying to upload coordinates for a new mesh node on the AREDN map feature in the set up screen.  We are constantly getting a message of "Failed - Bad Gateway".  We know that the gateway works because we have internet.  Is there something we're overlooking or is there suddenly an issue with the map server?  We're using Hughes Satellite connection to the internet.
Thanks for any help or info...
Ron N4RT​
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There is a defect that has
There is a defect that has been corrected in our nightly builds if you want to try it.

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map upload??
What am I missing? I don't see anyway to upload coordinates to the map? Is there some addon I'm missing in my browser? running ubuntu firefox.
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On the setup page, it's in
On the setup page, it's in the OPTIONAL section at the bottom.  You must have internet access provided to the node, either directly, or, via a Mesh Gateway.

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