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Map & Routing by OSM & Project OSRM

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Map & Routing by OSM & Project OSRM
I'm working on building a map & routing server. Based on the research I've done so far, it's definitely do-able. 

I'm working on the map portion of it now. I'm trying to get OSM's North America data to work on a Ubuntu 20.04 sever with 24 2.0 GHz cores and 156 GB ram. 3.1 TB storage.

I'm working from a non-mesh oriented set of instructions, so I've deviated from the instructions a little here and there where I thought it might be needed. I haven't gotten it working yet, but it's coming along and I have some help from K6WXC. 

If you've set up an OSM server before please let me know, it would be nice to have another person to bother with my questions. 

I'm using these instructions:

and I plan to use these instructions for the routing services:

There's a guy selling severs with about half the specs in the Orange County area for $100. They're HP Proliant ML350P Gen 8s. I bought two and pulled the RAM, a CPU, the SAS drives and 1 fan from the box to max out my other box. Let me know if you want to do the same and I'll connect you with him.
Willing to help
I have set up more than a few of these. Go  to Me,  I would not install on the latest version of Ubuntu. I use Xubuntu at an equivalent version. The Ubuntu UI truly bites. Xubuntu is much lighter. Best instructions out there. Getting an OSM server to use a local map store can be interesting. I am happy to help in any way I can. Cheers! Chuck Killian WB6YOK 801.791.0760 (m) 801.544.2472 (h)
I was able to set up a tile

I was able to set up a tile server using this project:

I used the v.2 release.  I could not get the repo master to work.

It does only use the older mapsforge V0.3.0 files, however.

It does not need a lot of CPU, it runs OK in virtualbox using a Debain minimal install.  I used java8-openjdk runtime and Debian 9 x64 VM.

It provides a z/y/x.png URL with a supplied .map file.

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Would you guys take a look at
Would you guys take a look at Gisgraphy?
I'm installing it now. It's been going for weeks, and is getting pretty close to being "done". I used the Docker method. It's unclear to me whether it includes map tiles, or if it needs a working tile server to work alongside it. Hopefully one of you or another forum member can discern that. I'm setting this up on a refurbished HP Proliant G8 with 2 12 thread 2.0GHz cores, 160 GB RAM, a roughly 4.5 TB of SSD storage. The build is up to about 700 GB so far. 

If I can get the whole thing built on this server, I may clone the drive to an M.2 SSD and drop it into a more portable, more power-efficient UDOO microcomputer.

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