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Map not updating?

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Map not updating?
I uploaded a couple of new 5 GHZ nodes (W6BI-SimiNorth-5G and WD6EBY-SimiEast-5G).
I found them in the .kml files, but they don't appear in the map.  Maybe it's stalled or something?

Orv W6BI
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found and issue with the
found and issue with the SimiNorth (new board_id) and corrected.  try now.
BTW, if they are in the KML, they are on the HTML map as it uses the KML internally.  It may be "stacked" behind something, but, should be there.
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Yes, I realized that they
Yes, I realized that they were stacked while in the shower last night :-D   I'll get that corrected and re-register them.

Thanks, Darryl! 

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