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mANTBox 15S vs 19S

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mANTBox 15S vs 19S

I'm considering the two devices below as sector antennas.  I see the 15 is about 3 lb and the 19 is about 6 lb.  There is a price difference.  What other differences are there?  Also, is the US version ending in -US acceptable for the AREDN firmware or do I need the international version?

mANTBox 15s     RB921GS-5HPacD-15S     
mANTBox 19s     RB921GS-5HPacD-19S

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do I need the international version?
Likely, once AREDN firmware is loaded, it does not matter what OS previously existed.
I have successfully loaded AREDN firmware on -US and -INTL hardware, but
I have never seen nor touched a mANTBox.

73, Chuck

The only other difference I
The only other difference I can see is the 15S has a 15 dBi gain for 5GHz and the 19S has a 19 dBi gain.  Hence the name difference.  How much will the 4 dBi difference matter? 

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