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Mant19 Discontinued?

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Mant19 Discontinued?
I've been thinking about getting this sector for some new projects RB921GS-5HPacD-19S as it is high gain, 128MB.  Another plus for here in Oregon is that it is one piece so you don't have coax cables out in the weather (think ice storms).

Mikrotik says discontinued, and vendors say out of stock.  Does anyone know if a new high power one piece sector is coming soon?  Was there an issue with this device that caused it to be discontinued?

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Yeah, it's not even listed on their web page.   Too bad.  Alternatives could be the MantBox 15s, or if you need more gain, the Ubiquiti Rocket 5ac Lite paired with one of their sector antennas.

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Unfortunately, it appears
Unfortunately, it appears Mikrotik is drastically reducing their lineup. I was working on a patch to add support for the RBDiscG5ac, but as I was fixing some little bugs to get the patch accepted into the main line, and discovered that was gone from their lineup. Also, the 24DB version of the LHG is discontinued. The 27DB version appears to have also been switched over to just being available in 4 packs. While we don't have support in AREDN for these yet, I'm wondering if they are cleaning up space in their lineup in prep for AX and/or BE equipment...

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