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M2 Bullet not taking initial setup

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M2 Bullet not taking initial setup

Good Evening,

I have been fighting a M2 bullet I have. after several try's I was able to get the firmware on the device. I began to celebrate but soon realized I wasn't out of the woods. I have a couple things going on. I have had success flashing other bullets so I don't feel that I am to far of track on this one. Below are the items that I'm running into.

  • When I change the node name, password and distance value and hit save it reboots and come back with the stock configuration.
  • when I try to change to channel -2 and 5 MHz it wont take either. 

I'm thinking it may have some type of memory issue but that just a speculation. Any last things to try before I give it a shotgun round??

Thanks for the help in advance!


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Try using an older version
Try using an older version like 3.18.9 and then upgrade from there. If you don't have it I can email it to you. I had a similar issue and that worked well.

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