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Low free flash memory concern? M2/M5 Rocket/PBE-M5

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Low free flash memory concern? M2/M5 Rocket/PBE-M5
Good morning. I just configured a new PBE-M5-620 and noticed that the free flash memory was low. None of these nodes are running anything other than the lastest stable release of AREDN firmware, Looking around the mesh a little, it looks like most similar nodes are in the same boat. 

free space
flash: 788 KB
/tmp: 29932 KB 
memory: 43012 KB

Then I checked my Rockets and there pretty close to the same:
free space
flash: 904 KB
/tmp: 29732 KB 
memory: 41672 KB

free space
flash: 884 KB
/tmp: 29864 KB 
memory: 41648 KB

I assume this is an OK amount of free flash space, right? 
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'memory' is the read/write memory

'flash' is the read-only memory.
Can be as low as 0.
I think.
Click on 'Help':
Free space tells you how much space is available on local storage devices.
Flash is the internal non-volatile storage where the operating system, configuration files, and software packages are kept.
/tmp is a filesystem in RAM that stores the current state information and various temporary files.
Memory is the amount of RAM available for running processes.


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