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Looking for testers to call my PBX

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Looking for testers to call my PBX

It has been a couple weeks of learning curve, but I think I finally got a PBX system working.  If you have a couple minutes, please call my PBX!


Extensions to dial:

Both extensions should ring their respective IP phones at those extension numbers.

If you get a voicemail, please leave a message with your name, call sign, and IP address.  I'll try to call you back!

Thank you in advance for your time.  

Mark, KM6ZPO
Hamshack Hotline: 50160

P.S. Please post any issues you encounter (for example nothing heard, call transfer didn't go work, etc.) here along with the type of IP phone you used.
P.S.S.  Please use a real IP phone (no soft phones) if you expect a call back.  In my experience, soft phones can make but cannot receive direct IP phone calls.  If you know how to configure a Linphone as a valid endpoint to call via direct IP on the mesh without using a SIP account, I'd love to hear how you did that.
P.S.S.S. Please don't call before 8AM PST or after 8PM PST !!!!


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Looking for testers to call my PBX
Hi, Mark:
I think only extensions can call extensions.
Do I have an extension on your PBX?
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Direct dial IP
Hi Chuck,

You can definitely dial up the PBX via IP address just like you would do a direct IP phone to IP phone call.  Once you hit the IVR, then you dial in the extension.  

But to answer your question, yes there are two extensions setup: 2000 & 3000.

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Correction - no you don't
Chuck: Correction: YOU don't have an extension on my PBX.
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It worked...  
It worked...
Linphone receives direct IP dialed calls

Mark, I'm not in SoCal and don't have a way to connect to your PBX, but I've used Linphone on our local AREDN network and can verify that IP-direct dialing from a VoIP phone to a Linphone softphone does work.  The Linphone app must be actively running on your computer in order to receive calls.  The Linphone app listens on port 5060 by default, which you could verify by starting the app and then running netstat.  You can change this default behavior by going to the Preferences > Network section.

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Linphone setup as endpoint

I'm curious AB7PA: What settings do you use for registering the Linphone?  This topic came up before.  I could figure out how to dial, but not receive direct IP calls.

No registration

My Linphone uses its internal default configuration setting, so no registration is done. By default Linphone automatically puts the current computer IP address into its SIP address when the app is started, and by default it listens on port 5060.

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Hey that's pretty cool.  It works.

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