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Looking for a damage survey application

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Looking for a damage survey application

In another forum topic, @K6AH noted if you were to post a question to the CERT ACE forum, I'm sure Gene, WB9COY, would respond.  He has developed a cool disaster damage survey system which should be useful to all such groups.

So, that is exactly what I am doing., I would be interested in hearing about any incident reporting or damage assessment tools that might be available.  I have kludged together an attempt using the Redmine project management tool. But, it is a little inflexible, and not at all easy to install and maintain. So, any good pointers are welcome.

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Damage Assessment tool (2019) -- Survey123

I'm posting a brief summary on what appears to be the current (2018+) state-of-the-art for performing damage assessment (DA) in a disconnected comms environment. My hunch is that a portable Part 15 WiFi unit front-ending a portable AREDN node linked back to emergency management HQ and its Geographic Info System (GIS) server could speed the overall DA process.   More info:

There appears to be a call for more real-time DA.  A high-level preliminary DA is needed to support the case for a federal /presidential emergency declaration.  (1)   GIS vendor Esri now supports offline apps and (2) Esri offers for free a FEMA-relevant DA template as part of a smartphone / laptop app called "Survey123" that  stores the field level data and then synchs it -- over any available Internet link (which could be an AREDN path)  -- with a city or county's Esri GIS server.   It's easy to see hams working closely with CERT groups to get disaster assessment accomplished. 

Background info links:

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